All About Krakow Old Town

How old is Krakow Old Town? Well, it is quite old. Its first historical reference dates back to the eighth and ninth centuries.  The earliest form of its present structure was established in the 10th century. 

So, you are going to visit something that has been in existence for close to a millennium. What are its present attractions? How should you go about visiting the place? You may have a number of questions. But first, you need to learn more about the place.

Krakow Old Town – A Brief Sketch

When tourists refer to Krakow, they usually mean the Old Town. It has the famous Market Square – one of the biggest and oldest in Europe. The Old Town is a vast swathe of land, comprising close to 22000 acres. UNESCO recognizes it as a World Heritage Site. The old Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz, Wawel Castle, and a St Mary’s Basilica are part of the town.

Krakow Old Town has somehow withstood the ravages of time and invasions of foreign rulers, most notably the Second World War. It is now a place where history meets modernity, in the backdrop of awesome food and spectacular architecture.

Kraków Old Town

What to Do in Krakow Old Town?

Whatever you wish, basically. You can just walk through, observing the marvelous architecture all around from St Mary’s Basilica all the way to Wawel Castle. Or you may just relax in the City Square, watching the seemingly ever-present pigeons and people in general. (For the curious ones, pigeons are always present in the city centre. There are even folk tales regarding their presence.)

You may even enter the wayside eateries and enjoy the traditional Polish dishes. Or if you are the one who loves your beverages, you can find your paradises of wine, beer and vodka at incredibly low rates.

If you are keen to explore the historic sites and churches, there are far too many places of interest than can be managed in a standard two-day trip. The best thing to do perhaps is to take photographs. The architecture in Old Town matches that of Rome and the atmosphere has that distinct eastern European flavor. So you will get photographs to remember for a  lifetime.

Where to Stay and Dine in Krakow Old Town

The majority of the good hotels and restaurants are located in and around the Old Town. You will be spoilt for choice on that count. Excellent but cost-effective accommodation facilities are available. So are the premium high-end options. 

As for restaurants, two things are guaranteed almost everywhere: tasty , traditionally prepared food and impeccably stylish ambiance. In other words, you do not have to worry about food. There is no shortage of wine, beer and vodka either. You might be knowing that Krakow is one of the places in Europe where beer and vodka has arguably the best quality-price ratio. 

Some say if you want to understand a city, just taste the food there. Suffice to say that Krakow has earned its name partly through its food.

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